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About the Designer

Yalda Atta is a Graphic Designer based in Southern California, specializing in Illustrations, Digital Marketing, Print Design, Photo Manipulation and Retouching. Yalda’s work is meticulous and detail oriented. A key component that can be found in any of her pieces is best defined as depth.


Having found a passion to express herself artistically from a young age, she could always be found with her art book, pastels and watercolors near by. This passion evolved and in 2011, Yalda had began experimenting with programs such as Adobe Creative Suite. Later in the year, she joined the Art Institute of Vancouver, in B.C., Canada pursuing a degree with specialization in Graphic Design. In 2014, Yalda moved to San Francisco, CA and began working at Adobe HQ’s in San Jose. Being in that environment, seeing the creators and engineers behind the scenes working hard to create the latest iterations of what is now known as, Adobe Creative Cloud, only further fueled this passion in digital arts. 

In 2020, she graduated with a Certificate of Graphic Design from UCSD, being at the top of her class with an overall “A” grade average. She is currently pursuing opportunities at progressive firms where she can continue to perfect her craft and share positivity, love of art, nature and humanity with the world.

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